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11 Ways to Use Your Garden Room for a Home-Based Business

11 Ways to Use Your Garden Room for a Home-Based Business

Garden Rooms are versatile spaces that can be used for many different purposes. One of which is as the base for your very own business. There are many home-based businesses that you can start in your Garden Room. We take a look at 11 ideas in this blog post.

Hair Salon

A garden room is an ideal place to set up a hair salon, allowing clients to come to your home makeup-free for their pampering. Garden rooms can have water and power connections to provide all the necessary utilities needed for the business and offer a personal experience.

Nail or Lash Salon

Garden rooms often have more natural light and better ventilation than other interior spaces making them perfect for a nail or lash salon. Clients can once again come to your home without needing to go into the main residence. Many clients say they love the privacy of not having to visit a town centre location to receive their treatments.

Yoga Studio

Yoga studios are traditionally located in a large open space with the proper lighting and ventilation. Garden rooms provide these features, allowing you to offer your clients this holistic practice meant for all levels of experience. They provide the ideal space for one-to-one yoga tuition, or perhaps you could offer online zoom sessions.


Outbuildings have traditionally been used for workshops. You can use your workshop to store large amounts of raw materials if you need a space away from your home to do so safely without getting in the way and make any noise and mess without disturbing the other inhabitants of the house. As we mentioned before, garden rooms generally have lots of natural light, making them perfect for creating or repairing things with a larger scope.

Music Studio

Could there be anywhere more ideal than a garden room for a home-based music studio? Away from the main residence, they can be fully sound-proofed, with access away from the main building through the garden gate. This means if production goes on late into the night, no one will be disturbed by visitors leaving late.

PT – Gym

Garden gyms are hot right now. We have created a few in the last couple of months. How about making that garden gym pay for itself? Personal trainers can create their very own gym set up for their style of training. Whether it’s HIIT, cardio or weights. As with the yoga studio, you could offer personal one-on-one sessions or deliver online training sessions and classes.

Web Design

Garden offices have really taken off in recent years. The pandemic has only expedited their popularity. Any office-based job can be done well from a garden office. One of the most popular freelance and home-based work options is web design and development. Your garden office is the ideal place to work and maintain that all-important work-life balance.

Photography Studio

A garden room is a blank canvas that could easily be equipped as a photographic studio. Clients can visit the studio without having to visit the main house, and everything can be kept close on hand, making it easy and convenient for the photographer. Some of our buildings even have hidden storage so you can keep all the props and equipment securely stored out of the way.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is another service that can make use of a garden room to provide an atmosphere where clients are more at ease and relaxed. Clients feel more comfortable being able to come and receive their treatments away from others. As with other beauty treatment options, they can arrive in privacy to your address and feel comfortable. This is a huge selling point.

Art Studio

Art can be a messy business. By creating a dedicated studio in the garden, you can create masterpieces to your heart’s extent without being disrupted or worrying about any mess made in the process—allowing you to unleash your full creativity.

Craft Room

With many businesses booming on websites for handmade items such as Etsy and even Facebook, many people are able to do what they love. Crafting can be messy and fiddly. A garden room gives you a quiet space to craft away and keep all of your bits and bobs without cluttering up the house.

As you can see, there are many ways to earn money just by having a garden room. We have only touched the surface with these ideas. As with any home-based business, you will need to check with your local authority if any permission is required first, planning permission may also be required. Once that has all been dealt with, you are ready to start earning from your extra room.

Ben Feldman, Owner of Spacecraft Garden Rooms
Ben Feldman

"All of our garden rooms are hand built in our workshop in Dover by a small team of qualified designers and craftspeople. We do not mass produce our garden rooms but take pride and joy in making them as beautiful, and with as much attention to detail, as as we can."

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