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Discover our thoughtfully curated collection of pre-designed garden rooms, offering a range of stunning yet affordable options without compromising on quality. Whether you're in need of a compact one-person office pod or a spacious yoga studio, our selection has something for everyone.

While these garden rooms are pre-designed, rest assured that you have the freedom to fully customise them to perfectly align with your unique requirements.

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Pre-designed Garden Rooms

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Garden Rooms

Looking for something truly unique

Experience the extraordinary with our bespoke designer garden rooms, where uniqueness and exquisite craftsmanship come together. With limitless options and an array of features, we can bring your vision to life, whether it's a garden office, playroom, summer house, or even a house extension

Every structure we create is meticulously crafted with you and your family in mind, ensuring a space that is truly tailored to your desires.

Unleash your creativity and join us on a journey of limitless possibilities.

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Bespoke Designer Garden Rooms

What you get

With Spacecraft you get a beautifully handcrafted, warm, bright and dry living space. From there the choices are endless. Keep it simple or add luxurious flooring and internal cladding.

Our Standard room specification comes with everything you will need to start using your new space the moment we hand over the keys. The exception to this is foundations – you might have a base already or know a good builder, so we have left that off the price. However, we can organise this for you if you would like us to. We also have a Premium upgrade package that includes our distinctive shadow-gapped birch plywood on the internal walls and ceiling, a choice of premium flooring and eye-catching accent colours for the door and window frames.

We are here to help and to get you exactly what you want from your new garden room. So if you want anything else then get in touch and we will make it happen

Quality As Standard

The standard price includes a fully insulated garden room. Wood fibre insulation is used in all walls, floor and ceiling. All our garden rooms come with premium double glazed aluminium framed doors and windows. Each garden room comes with durable external cladding that is maintenance free and guaranteed for 10 years. They all have OSB cladding on the inside and a durable rubber roof. Electrical hook-up to the main house is also included.

Fully Customisable

All our garden rooms can be upgraded and customised to suit you, creating your perfect outdoor living space.

When it come to electrics, we have plenty of choices for you, including an off the grid option. We can also quote for a bespoke package. All our electrical packages are installed by a fully qualified electrician.


Your garden room will need suitable foundations. An existing concrete slab from a previous structure is usually sufficient, but if you don’t already have this in place, we can help.

Ground screws are quick to install and high-performing with a much lower environmental impact than concrete.

No digging, no hassle, no mess!

Designer Eco Garden Rooms

We craft beautifully unique, environmentally friendly garden rooms, bespoke to your individual needs.

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