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5 Reasons to Invest in a Garden Gym

5 Reasons to Invest in a Garden Gym

Yes, we know gyms will likely be reopening soon, but they were closed more than they were open over the last year. With expectations that the Coronavirus will again increase over the winter, could they close again? A garden gym is open year-round, night and day, whenever you need it.

This makes it the best gym possible. Let’s take five reasons you should invest in a garden gym.

Won’t impact your personal space

Because it’s a dedicated space in the garden, you won’t be compromising your living space. You can have a personal space that’s all yours. No more exercise bike come clothes horse, tripping over weights or moving furniture to follow a workout video.

Tailored to your workout

Because it’s your garden gym, you can fill it with the equipment you desire. If you prefer strength training, fill it with weights and benches. For those that prefer HIIT workouts, you can add some kettlebells, mat, battle ropes etc. If you prefer to follow, workout videos add a TV; yoga lovers can create the perfect yoga studio. A garden gym is so versatile.

Open 24/7

A garden gym is on hand whenever you need it, be it obscure hours or during the day. There’s no waiting for machines to become free. You can work out whenever you want without any hassle at all, and that’s pretty liberating! When you’re finished, you can simply walk into the house for a shower and a healthy post-workout snack or shake and carry on with your day or evening.

No more gym memberships

You don’t need a gym membership to use this. It’s so simple and easy that you can just pop outside at any time of day or night for your workout without having the hassle, expense (and often guilt) associated with using an expensive 24-hour fitness centre.

No more excuses

Because the gym is in your garden, you have no more excuses; there’s no travel, no parking, no dress code or late-night opening hours to worry about. You can just work out whenever you want and for as long (or short) a time frame without any hassle at all! You can fit it in before work, during lunch break when working from home or any time of the evening.

A garden gym repays the initial outlay on saved fees and time. Our time, after all, is our most valuable commodity—no queues, no travel there and back, just a simple few steps into the garden.

The garden is a great place to exercise as you never know what might catch your eye – it could be birds taking flight, butterflies fluttering past or bees buzzing around flowers in bloom! Gardens are therapeutic and provide an escape from reality. The effects on both mental and physical health can be significantly improved.

Our garden rooms are affordable and make the perfect space for a garden gym. Send us a message for a quotation if you’d like to start your own garden gym.

Ben Feldman, Owner of Spacecraft Garden Rooms
Ben Feldman

"All of our garden rooms are hand built in our workshop in Dover by a small team of qualified designers and craftspeople. We do not mass produce our garden rooms but take pride and joy in making them as beautiful, and with as much attention to detail, as as we can."

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