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Garden Office Internet Connection Guide

Garden Office Internet Connection Guide

If you have or are considering getting a garden office, the strength of the internet connection to the building will be important to you. Nobody wants to keep dropping out of the Zoom call or have the connection play up while they are completing a crucial part of a project.

There are a few options for garden office connectivity. We will explore each one along with the pros and cons below.


Wifi Connection for a Garden Room

If you have WiFi in your home, then the logical solution may be to utilise it. You will need to check the strength of your connection. Depending on the router, position of your garden building from the home and internet, it may or not be suitable.

If you have difficulty, you could try moving your router to a position nearer to the garden in your home to see if that helps. Ensure the router is not covered by anything and away from other electronic items.

There are ways you can try to remedy this with WiFi boosters or a stronger router. Boosters can be as little as £15.99 like this one here from Argos, so it may be worth trying it out as a first step in solving any connectivity issues.

There is a range of solutions to help you increase your WiFi coverage which fall into a range of price brackets. Mesh WiFi systems are the most popular choice at the moment. They utilise multiple access points to cover the entire property with good strength WiFi. Do your research into what would be the most effective for your needs before committing to a purchase.


  • Cable free
  • Won’t need an electrician or specialist
  • No extra bills


  • Connection may be patchy
  • Speeds may be slower

Ethernet Cable

If the connection is patchy over WiFi, then you could run a long ethernet cable from the telephone point in the home outside to the garden building for a reliable and stable connection to your garden room.

Ensure the cable is not a trip hazard and is suitable to be run outside. This can be difficult if the cable needs to be run through walls internally etc. We have seen people run cabling along fences outside. Alternatively, you could opt for a more permanent underground installation.

An ethernet connection will be the fastest and most reliable internet connection. However, we would advise speaking to an electrician about the realities and costs of running these cables first.


  • Reliable connection
  • Optimum speeds


  • May require specialist installation
  • Wires will need running

Mobile Broadband for Garden Rooms

Mobile broadband is another solution, depending on the signal strength where you live. For example, 4g and 5g connections can supply a fast enough browsing experience for many essential daily tasks. There are two ways to do this.

Option 1 – a mobile dongle or router. These can be purchased from the network or taken out on a contract. They will have their own data allowance each month for you to use. The network provider will depend on who can offer you the best coverage and price.

Option 2 – tether your smartphone to your computer. This option utilises your mobiles data plan and allows you to use it to connect to the internet. Be careful not to go over your data allowance as out of bundle data costs can be high.


  • A dedicated connection for your garden office
  • Can be used out and about too


  • Will probably have data usage caps
  • If you use a mobile phone check your usage carefully
  • Will be dependant on mobile signals

Now may be a good time to check you are getting the best deal on your broadband. Check what speeds you are being offered, is there a faster option available, is there a cheaper or more reliable option out there? You can compare broadband online on most comparison sites.

Ben Feldman, Owner of Spacecraft Garden Rooms
Ben Feldman

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