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Increase Your Homes Value with a Garden Room

Increase Your Homes Value with a Garden Room

We always knew that garden rooms were a good investment, just for the extra space they provide. But now, it’s official. Adding a garden room to your property could actually increase the value. Less expensive than adding on to the house, a garden room could add around £5,000 to the price of your property.

Less intrusive and costly than a traditional home extension, garden rooms provide an affordable and convenient way to get some extra space. They are away from the house providing somewhere quiet, and they’re incredibly versatile. Whether you need a guest bedroom, an office, your very own gym, an art studio, playroom or workshop, a garden room is an ideal solution. The possibilities are almost endless.

Lockdown only emphasised how important space in our homes is. New research conducted by Rated People suggests that outdoor space is more important than ever now.

Getting a garden office could increase the value of your home by around £5,325. Creating a garden gym or studio room could add £5,107 to the property’s value. An outdoor entertaining area is another great investment, especially as we are all being told it’s safer to socialise outside. This could increase the value by £4,286. A summer house is also another great outdoor build that could add £5,249 to the value of your home.

The beauty of a garden room is that once you empty it of your furniture and equipment, it’s a blank canvas for any future purchaser. They can decide what they would like to use the space for. Considering our garden rooms start from just £6,999 you could almost earn your money back when it’s time to sell the property. That’s a far better return on investment than a car.

Of course, it’s not all about the cold hard cash. Adding an additional room to your property in the form of a garden room is convenient and functional. It’s especially great if you live in a family and want to get some peace and quiet every now and again. It’s not surprising that lockdown made people appreciate the space they had. Makeshift home offices with children and pets, gyms closed, restaurants closed, and a year of uncertainty has shown us the importance of home and our personal space.

Many garden rooms can be built under permitted development rules, which means you don’t need planning permission either. This is limited by size and use. If you intend for it to be a permanent dwelling, for example, you will need planning permission.

Our garden rooms can usually be created within six weeks, depending on our ongoing workload, which means you could have one in time for summer. We cover the South East of England, which includes Kent, London and East Sussex. If you’d like to get some extra space, why not get in touch for a quote.

Ben Feldman, Owner of Spacecraft Garden Rooms
Ben Feldman

"All of our garden rooms are hand built in our workshop in Dover by a small team of qualified designers and craftspeople. We do not mass produce our garden rooms but take pride and joy in making them as beautiful, and with as much attention to detail, as as we can."

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